Go Figure!

GoFigureTimCollomGalleryA recent visit with curator Nisa Hayden at the Tim Collom Gallery in midtown Sacramento prompted an invitation to take part in two of their upcoming group shows. So excited to be one of 21 featured artists in their “Go Figure” show from July 10th through August 2nd and an animal-themed show this fall.

GunpowderArtistBrandiPfleiderGo Figure: Group Show

“Go Figure: Group Show” marked my first foray into the midtown gallery scene.  The swarm of people that attended the Thursday preview foretold the magnitude of the turnout for the Sacramento Second Saturday reception.  I was not disappointed.


During the preview, I stood back and watched as people admired the show.  When they approached my work, after reading the description, I would watch their expressions as they did a double take and looked back at the piece again.  Not that I was intentionally eavesdropping, but hearing people discussing my medium and trying to guess my process was pretty entertaining.  I even caught a family on video smelling my art (watch below)!


2nd Saturday Reception

During the receptions, I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with a new group of artists.  I found the inspiration and memories behind my fellow artists’ work fascinating. It’s impressive to see how the works of 21 different artists with such varying backgrounds and styles can coalesce beautifully.

Where Credit is Due

When I first heard Tim Collom was a realtor by day and an artist by night, I wondered, “How does he do it all?”  Now I know the answer: Nisa Hayden.  Seriously, the atmosphere Nisa created as the curator and director is warm and inviting.  I appreciate how hard she works and I’m honored at the opportunity to show here.  “Go Figure” was selected by long-time Sacramento Bee art critic Victoria Dalkey as one of her choices as Best of Second Saturday for the month of July.

Series: Dance Like No One’s Watching


These are the 3 pieces selected for the show.  They were created with gunpowder, smoke bombs and acrylic.  The dancer in the center is 30″x48″ on canvas and the other two are 12″x17″ on paper. All three are original.


Visit the Collom Gallery at 915 20th Street in Sacramento or visit their website for complete details or purchasing any of these three pieces while the show is running. Stop by and say hi!

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