Cleaning Up My Act

Not only have I been trying to get my art space organized so I can better prepare for Sac Open Studio Tour (see photo of now color coded smoke bombs), but I’ve been working on my website as well.  As my collection of work has increased, I was feeling my website was becoming cluttered and unorganized.  I was finding it hard to keep up with the updates of new work.  My solution: Categories!  Now, you can find clickable photos under “Collections” on the Home page that will take you to the corresponding gallery.  I’m sure more will be added as time goes by, but here are three to start you off:

Famous Faces


From left to right: “Material Girl” (Madonna), “One Love” (Bob Marley), “Winehouse” (Amy Winehouse), “King of Rock” (Elvis Presley), “Liz Taylor” (Elizabeth Taylor), “Pablo Blucasso” (Pablo Picasso), “Smoking at Tiffany’s” (Audrey Hepburn), and “Girl on Fire” (Alicia Keys)



From left to right: “Flower 1”, “Starburst“, “Flower 2”, “Autumn Warrior“, “Flower 3”, and “Melancholy



From left to right: “Who?“, “Out of the Flames”, “Jellyfish”, “Cindercat“, “Oscar the Corgi”, and “Prowler

Be sure to check it out!  I’ll be adding more and more art.  To make sure you don’t miss a thing, subscribe by clicking the “Follow” button down below and you can get email updates sent directly to your inbox!

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