Under Tower Bridge

When it comes to iconic Sacramento landmarks, the Tower Bridge is right up there with the Capitol building.  The bridge can be seen on many of the local shows and news stations and there are many events that include this beautiful structure as a part of their backdrop.

Under Tower Bridge
Under Tower Bridge

I’m not much into running, but last spring, enticed by the promise of a good microbrew beer at the finish and brunch at a favorite restaurant afterwards, I reluctantly agreed to participate in the Shamrock’n 5k race staged at Raley Field and featuring a chance to run across the Tower.  I always carry my phone on such occasions, as one never knows when an opportunity for a unique photo may arise. Sure enough, while making my way over the bridge, I looked up and was captivated by the view – the Tower Bridge looks MUCH different from the ground up than it does from the typical side view one sees while driving by or from viewing on television. I captured the image, mid-stride.

My camera shots formed the basis for “Under Tower Bridge”, a small multi-layered gunpowder/smoke bomb/acrylic piece, which is the first of its kind (you can probably see the tear stains on the canvas from how hard I worked to execute my vision).  It is now showing in Midtown Sacramento at the Tim Collom Gallery’s annual Petite Pleasures holiday exhibit.  

Pictured Left to Right: Ze Plane!, The Arch, Ruins of Cannery Row, Under Tower Bridge

I was delighted when I walked into the gallery for the Second Saturday preview show on December 6, 2018 and was greeted by the curator, Nisa, who told me my Tower Bridge had already sold to a couple who are avid collectors of works by local artists and as such had been afforded a private preview of the show.  My boyfriend had mixed emotions, as this was one of his all time favorite pieces and he had hoped to keep it on the walls at his law office, but we are both thrilled it is going to a good home!

Although “Under Tower Bridge” has gone to its new home, the three other pieces (pictured above) are still available for purchase at holiday pricing in Tim Collom Gallery until December 27th.

Be sure to check out my other post about Tim Collom Gallery here.


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