Mistakes Become Art

gunpowder/smoke bombs/mixed media on paper (framed)


gunpowder/smoke bombs/mixed media on paper (framed)

Sometimes, when trying a new technique, it doesn’t always go as planned. In this instance, I learned about a technique using a piece of string dipped in paint (see the “correct” technique in the image below). The theory is, you dip the string in paint and lay it strategically across the page. Then, the instructions explained that you are to sandwich another piece of paper across the top and pull the string out. Finally, you remove the top page to reveal a unique design on both sides (notice that the two images seem to mirror each other). The instructions did NOT however explain how MUCH (or how little) paint was to be used.

The Aftermath

Renewal (SOLD)

I was inspired to apply these little string creations on top of a background I created using gunpowder and smoke bombs. When I saturated the string in paint and pulled it out from under the paper, it left a huge, ugly, black blob on my beautiful background. I was NOT satisfied with the results and I was heartbroken at the thought that I had ruined the piece. I decided to leave it and go to bed.


I was staring at the aftermath the next morning and I refused to admit defeat… I mean, it’s not like it could get any WORSE. I gave my cousin and emotional support system, Mel, a call. I explained to her what had happened and she gave me some inspiration. A lightbulb went off when she reminded me how I used to doodle (before it was called “Zendoodle”) in the early stages of my art journey. I quickly hung up the phone and got to work.

Happy Accidents

Hours later, they were finished. I was SO pleased that I was able to save the art and it turned out even better than I originally expected! I LOVE happy accidents!! Thank you, Mel!

Have you ever had a happy accident? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Be sure to Follow me so you never miss a post.

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