Does Original Art Seem Expensive?

*Blog post submitted by Christopher Terrill, photos provided by Brandi Pfleider.

As an appreciator and collector of art, but one with no artistic abilities and thus no reason to have been previously exposed to the business side of the art world, I was stunned to discover the harsh financial realities of trying to make an actual living as an artist.  Sure, I was familiar with the cliché “the starving artist” but had no understanding of the nuts and bolts of the business side of visual art. Continue reading “Does Original Art Seem Expensive?”


Under Tower Bridge

When it comes to iconic Sacramento landmarks, the Tower Bridge is right up there with the Capitol building.  The bridge can be seen on many of the local shows and news stations and there are many events that include this beautiful structure as a part of their backdrop. Continue reading “Under Tower Bridge”

Collections: Abstracts

When it comes to abstract art, I’ve noticed pretty mixed reviews.  Art appreciators general either love them or hate them, and artists either fear them or embrace them.  I used to be one of the former but Continue reading “Collections: Abstracts”

Collections: Animals

Being an animal lover myself, it only makes sense to paint what I love, right?  It seems that my animal collection is pretty popular with others as well.

Gunpowder Crow
Gunpowder Crow (SOLD)

 The First Animal

In 2016 I had JUST taught myself to SUCCESSFULLY paint with gunpowder.  It was time to create something “for real” and I decided Continue reading “Collections: Animals”

Cleaning Up My Act

Not only have I been trying to get my art space organized so I can better prepare for Sac Open Studio Tour (see photo of now color coded smoke bombs), but I’ve been working on my website as well.  As my collection of work has increased, I was feeling my website was becoming cluttered and unorganized.  I was finding it hard to keep up with the updates of new work.  My solution Continue reading “Cleaning Up My Act”

Go Figure!

GoFigureTimCollomGalleryA recent visit with curator Nisa Hayden at the Tim Collom Gallery in midtown Sacramento prompted an invitation to take part in two of their upcoming group shows. So excited to be one of 21 featured artists in Continue reading “Go Figure!”

Now Showing at Milagro Centre

For those of you who may not be familiar, the Milagro Centre is a fun new plaza in the heart of Carmichael that is home to some delicious food and drink establishments.  From now through the end of September, Milagro is also home to three of my Continue reading “Now Showing at Milagro Centre”