Collections: Famous Faces

Towards the beginning of my gunpowder painting career, I became obsessed with learning to create portraits and felt the need to master them so I would be able to do commissions with confidence.  I decided it’d be best to use iconic faces to prove it could be done.  It worked!   I really learned a lot during the process and still enjoy creating them from time to time.  However, I’ve chosen to focus more on those who approach me to create a portrait of themselves or loved ones.  I can create more than just faces so, if you’re looking, feel free to contact me!

The First Portrait Series

Below is the first portrait series I created.  I experimented with different colors of smoke bombs, amounts of gunpowder and other mediums.  Have you guessed I’m a Dali fan?  There is also a Dali VI, but it seems I didn’t get a proper shot of it before it sold.


I now have an extended collection of famous portraits so I thought it might be best to put them all in a single category (Famous Faces) to make it easier.  I mean, some people know what they’re looking for and I want it to be easier for them to find it.


Who’s Who

The full images can be found in the links, from left to right: “Material Girl” (Madonna), “One Love” (Bob Marley), “Winehouse” (Amy Winehouse), “King of Rock” (Elvis Presley), “Liz Taylor” (Elizabeth Taylor), “Pablo Blucasso” (Pablo Picasso), “Smoking at Tiffany’s” (Audrey Hepburn), and “Girl on Fire” (Alicia Keys)

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